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If you are thinking about a renting a property or renting your property, call me!

Rentals are a great housing option for those in transition or those not interested in the permanency of owning a home.

Renters are entitled to certain rights, both under state law and local law.

Under MD law, your security deposit cannot be more than 2 months of rent; that includes any pet deposit.

Security deposits in possession for more than 6 months are entitled to interest. Owners have 45 days after your vacancy to return your security deposit with interest.

You have a right to be present at your final walk-through, and right to a written estimate of any damages that may be subtracted from your deposit.

The State and County, both have publications on ordinary wear and tear versus damage.  A link to these publications is below.

Service animals are not considered pets. HOAs and condo communities with a no pet policy must make applicable exceptions.

Renter’s insurance is often a requisite for leasing.

Montgomery County has a landlord tenant office that provides free resources and information to both landlords and tenants.

You are required to receive a copy of the landlord tenant book when signing a lease in Montgomery County.

If you are renting in Montgomery or PG County, owners are required to request a permit and have their homes registered with the County or applicable city.

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Virginia has different laws. Leases are either subject to the VRLTA, Virginia Residential Landlord Tenant Act, or common law.

There are certain cases where leases are exempt from the VRLTA. Leases in a rental community are typically covered by the VRLTA.

Certain counties in VA have their own landlord tenant division.

The District of Columbia has an office dedicated to enforcing tenant protections, the Office of the Tenant Advocate, as well a tenant Bill of Rights that ensures certain protections are in place.

A link to the Bill of Rights is below.