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Christina Koch-Garcia

Radon Testing

Radon is a colorless, odorless gas emitted from the decay of soil that can lead to detrimental health issues if exposed to in large quantities.

In 2016, Montgomery County passed a law requiring mandatory Radon testing for single family homes.

A single family home, for these purposes, is a detached home or townhome that is not part of a condo regime.

The law obligates sellers to provide a Radon test result prior to closing, certain exemptions apply.

While providing test results is mandatory, remedying the situation is not.

The test can be performed by a seller directly or through a professional service.

I prefer the professional service.

If a buyer creates a Radon contingency as part of the contract, the onus for payment of the test is on them.

The terms of your contract will determine who will finance remediation.

The target read is 4.0 p/Ci/L or less.

If your home has a elevated level, various remedies are available including installation of a fan or mitigation system.